“I wouldn’t go so far as to say it didn’t work for me. I had world class saves tonight and that game could have been much different. So the way I see it is that I made a decision, which may have not worked out in my favor, but I f*****g got the job done.”
- Ashlyn Harris on her performance against the Portland Thorns 07-23-2013 (X)
Anonymous asked:

No way, you're in my city??

Haha, I’m pretty sure I’ve said I’m in Boston 5+ times :)

Anonymous asked:

What is your favorite part about Boston so far?

I guess my favorite thing about it so far is the fact that you can pretty much walk everywhere/take the T. We don’t really have that back home, so it’s kinda cool that everything is pretty accessible within an hour or so, depending on where you go.

"I’m going to look like one of those Crossfit athletes" I say as I eat five more cookies.